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Soft Brownies with Olive Oil

Soft Brownies with Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used in countless recipes, but it can also be applied in pastry making instead of butter. Try these soft chocolate brownies with extra virgin olive oil and see for yourself! Enjoyable and healthier too. Preparation time: 15' Baking time: 25΄ - 30' at 160ο degrees At first, we use a Βain-Μarie to melt the couverture before we add the extra virgin olive oil. Then we put the eggs and sugar into the mixer and stir them well until they...


“Lazarakia”: A Traditional Easter Recipe

On the Saturday of Lazarus women of Lesvos bake “Lazarakia”, little sweet buns filled with dried grapes and fοrmed in man shape, that symbolize the Resurrection of Lazarus. They were also given as a treat to children that were singing Lazarus’ carol door to door.

Fasolada Recipe

Recipe for traditional Greek bean soup

For many people this is the ultimate Greek food! For others it is considered a meal full of vitamins and high nutrinional value. It satisfies one’s hunger and at the same time benefits our health. All the above are elements of the Greek bean soup, the so called “Fasolada”.

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