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inherit eternal wisdom

be part of a story

By adopting an olive tree, you become part of the story behind the flavor, you support local farming and our family’s long-run tradition of olive oil production.

It’s a simple, unique and meaningful gift to yourself, to your friends or your loved ones. At the same time, it’s a gift to nature, since you brace organic oil production, from sustainably grown olive trees.

Choose between our two groves, Koukoumaria or Veranda, pick your tree and enjoy the journey of seeing your tree bloom and grow!

Collecting Olives
Taking Care of an Olive Tree

Once adopted, a plaque is affixed on the tree with the name of the adopter.

We will be updating you with in-depth information on production and your tree’s health and growth.

You also get the opportunity to visit your tree and our family, either for your summer holidays or during our harvest season, when you can also attend all the processing steps to the final product.

Your table is the final destination of this journey, where we will deliver your annual olive oil, made with love, responsibility and your valuable participation.

Never does oil taste better, than when you get it from your own tree!

mia elia
μία ελιά
one olive tree

select an adoption package

what you get

When adopting “mia elia” you will receive your Certificate of Adoption and a booklet with information about your olive tree and our groves.

For environmental reasons and with respect to nature and other trees, we send the booklet electronically, by default. However, you can request a hard copy of your adoption pack and we will send it to you by post, at no extra charge.

You will be asked to name your tree and we will place a plaque with its name on it. Photos and updates will be sent to you throughout your year of adoption.

Choose the kit that fits you best and we will ship your olive oil in your desired quantities.

You also get the chance to visit our groves and your olive tree, either in summer or during our harvesting period, when you can get a hands-on experience on olive oil making.

Olive Oil Packages

Adoption Package Anthos
159€ per year

Olive Oil Packages

Adoption Package Pirinas
239€ per year

Olive Oil Packages

Adoption Package Karpos
319€ per year

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