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Our Vision

mia elia means one olive tree
and one olive tree means the world to us.

Lesvos’ olive trees date back to antiquity, carrying wisdom and history, that you can taste in their fruit.

Mia Elia gives you the opportunity to support this circle of life and enjoy the unique extra virgin olive oil from your own tree, to your table.

Olive trees are a present from nature to mankind, you can give it as a present to yourself, your friends, your colleagues or anyone you value the most.

simos eirini adopt an olive tree

Four generations have lived in Plomari area, taking care of olive groves and bringing pure extra virgin olive oil to the family’s table, for years.

Oil making is our heritage and our well kept family tradition.

mia elia
μία ελιά
one olive tree


The island is known for its immense olive forest, where millions of olive trees have survived for years.


Our groves are in Plomari district and our variety is mainly the single-origin Kolovi, which gives our olive oil an intense, fruity and full-body flavor.


By adopting one of our olive trees you become part of our family’s vision: an everlasting relationship between the source, the producer and the lovers of high quality olive oil.

Adopt an Olive Tree in Greece


Add some love to the procedure and some years of family tradition and the taste is always better!

We believe that flavor comes from the story behind the products and that’s exactly what “Mia elia” project is about.

mia elia
μία ελιά
one olive tree

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