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Our family still hand-picks the olives from the trees from late October to December. While the olives are still freshly picked, they are taken to the olive mills. Timing is essential, this is what makes the olive oil be extra virgin. Once at the olive mill, the olives are poured into a sorting bin to remove the leaves, twigs and excess foliage.

To this day, although technology has evolved, you will see farmers using their hands to make sure they remove everything. Then the olives are washed clean and they are crushed and pressed. Once finely ground, the olive paste is poured in a stainless-steel tank. It’s then gently stirred and heated up to max 27 degrees Celsius known as “Cold pressed”.

Olive Trees in Lesvos
Olive Harvest

The final stage is separating the oil and the water. A centrifuge is used for the separation and that’s when the final extra virgin olive oil flows out.

Add some love to the procedure and some years of family tradition and the taste is always better! We believe that flavor comes from the story behind the products and that’s exactly what “Mia Elia” project is about.

Delivering high quality olive oil from the grove to your table, while having you with us along the journey!


bronze quality award

High Quality Olive Oil

We love to see our trees grow and flourish through the seasons, and we always treat our groves with respect. We know firsthand the high level of olive oil quality they can produce, but when this is all recognized and awarded in a worldwide event, there is no greater joy!

London100C took place in the capital of the UK as it does every year, but this time it reserved for us something great! A distinction in the quality category that made us feel proud and motivated for being a part of this project once again.

We feel that this award is also the result of your contribution and support, and we cordially thank you all!

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