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our olive groves are nestled in Lesvos’ hilltops,
carrying an aura of pure oxygen and Mediterranean soil

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Olive Groves
Olive Tree

The island is known for its immense olive forest, where millions of olive trees have survived for years, on semi-mountainous and rough grounds.

The stone terraces built to support the massive roots of the trees, are the island’s most characteristic scenery. The main olive varieties on the island are:

• Valanolia or Kolovi which is indigenous and unique in the world
• Adramitiani or Aivaliotiki coming from Adramiti in Asia Minor, found mainly on the Mitylene district.

Our groves are in Plomari district and our variety is mainly the single-origin Kolovi, which gives our olive oil an intense, fruity and full-body flavor. The trees date back to 1850 when they were replanted after a big frost that destroyed the vast majority of olive trees in Lesvos.

The new trees, together with the main varieties, were carried to the mountainsides, on the backs of the farmers and their animals. The new trees grew to be ten times bigger than the originals, as they were very resilient to cold weather. During the following decades, the island met great growth and Lesvian olive oil was worldwide recognised as top quality.

Our two groves stretch between hilltops and the village of Trigonas

Koukoumaries Grove

Koumaries Grove

Koumaries is the name of the species of trees that surrounds this grove. An ancient tree with healing qualities, of which a high quality honey is produced. We believe the sweetness of our oil derives from the neighboring vegetation and the deep color from the vivid green scenery.

Veranda Grove

Veranda Grove

The trees in the Veranda grove sit on a hilltop overlooking the Trigonas village. The stone terraces that support the trees, give a general feeling of being on a veranda, where the light breeze and the fresh oxygen, trigger all senses. The balanced taste in our olive oil is the balance we find in nature.

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