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Add storytelling to your restaurant by serving
quality olive oil from your own adopted tree

The use of high quality extra virgin olive oil is essential to any restaurant that wants to make a difference.

But when tradition meets elegance in a natural way, wonderful stories are born and they are destined to enchant your customers.

Adopt an olive tree and add a little magic touch to your menu!

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Elegance Served

How to promote

leafSpread the news about your adoption through social media, by posting pictures of your tree with the name of your Hotel affixed, enhancing your profile as an Eco-brand.
leafPresent the use of your Extra Virgin Olive Oil coming from your own tree, in your Restaurant’s Menu. Deliver the story behind the taste and make your customers feel special and safe.
leafAdd a unique product in your Restaurant’s shop for your customers to take away and always, remember what they tasted.
leafCreate concept dishes, each with its own tree and name, providing a holistic experience of nature through gastronomy.
premium olive oil for your business

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