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What does “extra” mean in extra virgin olive oil?

extra virgin olive oil

Odysseas Elytis once said: ‘’If you take Greece apart, in the end you will be left with an olive tree, a vineyard and a boat. Which means that with these items you can rebuild the country.’’ These great words expressed by an even greater Greek poet go deep down at the core essence of the Greek identity.

But when we are referring to extra virgin olive oil, what does ‘extra’ really mean? When it comes to olive oils, EVOO is ‘the best of the best’. It is the pure olive juice obtained directly from olives that have undergone the least processing.

The finest extra virgin olive oil is still made combining traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation with modern methods and knowledge. As we enter the harvest season, the first step in producing high-quality EVOO is the right timing to pick olives. In order to obtain quality oil, the olives should be harvested and taken directly to the press.

The next part is milling the olives. Once the olives are sorted, they are crushed into paste. And then, the extraction is followed. All stages are very important in order to develop the taste and the aroma of the oil and to maintain chemical characteristics. Finally the product is bottled and labeled.

olive harvest

Extra virgin olive oil is 100% pure olive juice. For an olive oil to be considered as ‘extra virgin’, its acidity must not exceed 0.8%. Also the aromas and pure taste must be a clear indication of its natural origin.

Factors that can significantly affect the taste and aromas of the final product are oxygen, light and heat. That is why it should be kept away from them and ideally at 12-16 degrees Celsius.

‘Mia Elia’ works organically with nature from grove to bottle so that we can experience its fruity aromas and delicate taste. Olives are treated with respect from the people who take care of them. Just a few hours after the harvest, their juice is extracted. A closely monitored procedure in order to ensure its very low acidity level and rich content of polyphenols that makes it one of the finest.

olive oil flow
olive fruits

“Extra” in extra virgin olive oil is a result of knowledge handed down through the generations. It is the fertile soil of Lesvos island, the light breeze of the Aegean sea and the heritage of our ancestors.

To discover the secret ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and taste an oil that is of the utmost quality, adopt an olive tree and place on your table that extraordinary product.

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