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Inspired by your story, handcrafted with love

handmade plaques for your beloved trees

We love to put our personal effort and work in every part of your adoption.
Mia Elia is about getting connected with nature and promote sustainable methods of agriculture but also being ecological as a way of life.

Lesvos has a long history of traditional fishing with wooden boats and yellow fishnets!
Colorful boats decorate the little ports with their bright Aegean palette and every fisherman has given a unique name to his own.

The old fishing boats, that have long been used and worn by the sea, end up on α deserted beach in front of an old olive mill. It’s like an end that gives birth to a new beginning!

old fishing boats

Charmed by this story we decided to reuse these old wooden boards and create handcrafted plaques for your beloved trees.

First, we select parts that are suitable for your name size and spirit from the old boats.

Then, it’s easy to detach them by hand since they have lost their rigidness and they are old enough to break.

After that, it’s all about the artistic touch!

At first, your plaque gets varnished and abraded until it looks smooth and shiny.


Then your tree’s name is hand-written on it with a white color brush.

And last but not least, a rope is attached on the board and here you are!

The plaque is ready to be affixed on your tree! Your adoption is declared!

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