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Much more than just olive oil

Touching olives

According to Webster’s Dictionary, adoption means: “to take by choice into a relationship”. And what is a more important relationship than the one between us and nature? Adopting an olive tree means much more than just receiving its precious olive oil. It’s a powerful, fulfilling action that may change one’s life.

Why “Adopt an Olive Tree”?

Reconnect with nature

By adopting an olive tree, you reconnect with nature. It’s a deep appreciation and gratitude to nature. You explore meaningful experience and connectedness with a beautiful tree in an olive grove.

Become part of a community

Meet other people who share your love and passion for extra virgin olive oil and create an everlasting relationship between the source, the producer and other olive oil lovers. Explore this amazing experience by building virtual communities over social media platforms, where everyone can discuss about their olive trees and learn more about its precious olive oil.

Help local farming

Adoption creates a friendship bond between consumers and the farming industry. Supporting local farmers is a great way to boost the local economy, reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health and well-being.

Collecting Olives

Be part of the olive oil making procedure

Adoptive parents don’t only imagine, but also immerse themselves in the amazing world of liquid gold olive oil procedure. They become a producer at a distance and participate in the olive oil making activities virtually and physically until the pure olive oil is delivered at their doorstep.

Taste unique olive oil

The adoption of an olive tree is characterized by its mixed nature as it blends physical goods and innovation. Can you imagine how it would feel to enjoy unique extra virgin olive oil from your own tree, directly to your table.? We can assure you that olive oil has never tasted better.

Unique experience

Visit your tree, join us picking its olives and experience firsthand the actual procedure of how its fruit turns into precious olive oil. It’s an experience that goes beyond any expectation! The joy of watching it grow through the seasons, from the first signs of life to full olives, will make you feel genuinely happy and proud.

Unique experience of adopting an olive tree

Ways to Adopt an Olive Tree:

  1. For Yourself
  2. As a Gift
  3. As a Company
  4. For your wedding favor
  5. For your hotel/yacht

Adopting an olive tree is a once in a lifetime experience. So, take the chance and make this unique gift to yourself that will be a greater gift to nature.

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