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The process of standardization and bottling stage

The process of standardization and bottling

It was one of the most exciting days for us, from the moment we started! The journey of our extra virgin olive oil, completed the final step to reach your family table, the bottling.

At first, we reached the bottling plant with the amount of oil we intended to bottle.

olive oil standard

Then, we connected our cistern through a pump, with the filler of the packaging.

Olive oil bottle filler

Our precious bottles where placed in the production line in order to pass from the filler one by one, while they were also weighed in order to be evenly filled.

olive oil bottles on the production line
olive oil bottle filling

Αfterwards, our filled bottles headed to the device that applies their caps. Due to the uniqueness of our cap, the procedure was done by hand.

application of cap on olive oil
application of a stopper in olive oil

In the final stage, our bottle gets thoroughly cleaned with pure alcohol to be disinfected. In addition, we embrace it with as small net, to avoid any scratches or lesions on its surface.

sanitized of olive oil bottle
olive oil packaging protection net

And there you are! Our beautiful bottles are ready to be packed and sent to your door!

olive oil ready for shipment

We want to make clear, that during the whole process of standardization and bottling, all necessary measures were implemented, to ensure both the quality of your olive oil and your personal safety!

We would also like to warmly thank Protouli family and the employees of their bottling plant, for their valuable help during the whole process of standardization and bottling!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Thank you all!

Photos by Konstantino Stamatelli

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