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3 Things your kitchen cannot miss


Why your kitchen ingredients matter

Our kitchens are sacred places even for the simplest home cooks. Preparing meals for your and your family or friends creates a stronger body and mind bond for our selves while sharing those meals has been bringing us closer ever since. At miaelia we specialize at bringing friends and families even closer.



Our today’s blog post is about the three things that should never miss from your kitchen. Why three? Why so important? Well, this article is all about adding some extra Mediterranean ease to all of your cooking! According to us, and not just us, every dish should start with these three simple ingredients.

So, let us start with the basics.


The 3 basics ingredients for ultimate cooking



For the sake of ear (or eye) catching narration, we will borrow a thoughtful analogy used in one of our favorite greek movies called “Politiki Kouzina” which was translated into “A Touch of Spice”. (Intriguing Spoiler Alert following). In one of the most memorable scenes, a different kind of an astrology lesson depicts earth as salt. Not because of earth’s seas and oceans, but because earth salt enhances the taste of every single one of the natural foods. But did you know that salt, despite from just adding up to the original flavour of the foods, consists an essential element of life that our bodies can’t produce? While taking careful care of the flavour you always take better care of your overall health.


Black Pepper

Do you like some extra spice in your meals? Well, here is the difference between the above mentioned salt and black pepper. While salt enhances the natural taste, black pepper adds taste. In the same film, sun was depicted as a single pepper grain. Why? Because everything revolves around black pepper. Pepper changes our food’s taste, so this is why it is essential when trying to create an irresistible flavour. A bit too savory or neutral to your tongue? First thing first, start by adding up some pepper.


Olive Oil

And, of course, the core of the Mediterranean diet; Olive Oil. In the Mediterranean Area in general, let alone in Greece, we start all of our cooking with olive oil. From preparing a single breakfast toast, to salads sides and whole dinners, we start with a sip of extra virgin Olive Oil (check here, what the “extra” in the extra virgin olive means!). Is it just the flavor? Is it a matter of our overall health? Is it about the exquisite quality of miaelia Olive Oil itself? The correct answer is, all the




Does Olive Oil make everything taste better?

Our obvious answer is yes.
The point where nutrition meets aesthetics is in the act of cooking. Yet, the overall quality in cooking is the result of mixing premium ingredients and foods in order to produce exquisite flavour. At miaelia, we found our own way to add a bit of flavor to your lives through the production of exquisite quality olive oil. Try it yourself here.



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