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3+1 reasons why we celebrate World Olive Tree Day

Adopted Olive Tree

Both Unesco and the International Olive Council, have chosen November 26 to be World’s Olive Tree Day. “Mia Elia” is a family project that celebrates the existence of olive trees every single day. There are many reasons why we should celebrate the symbol of peace and harmony. Here are a few:

Olive trees: a gift to the environment

Olive trees benefit the environment in many ways. They contribute to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity. The trees act as agents in combating global warming and desertification. Evidence shows that olive growing increases atmospheric carbon dioxide fixation in the soil. Grown in 56 countries, the olive tree boosts sustainable cultivation. It also expands the agricultural area globally.

The secret of Mediterranean health

Olive trees make olives and olive oil. Both are very nutritious and healthy. They are the key ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. Many renowned chefs include them in their recipes as a sign of high quality and nutritive value. Olive oil is famous for its anti-oxidant properties and therapeutical values. Research shows that it can prevent several diseases. Cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and obesity, to name but a few.

A symbol of life

The olive tree is one of the most beloved trees in the history of mankind. People considered it sacred since Ancient Greek times. It has always been a symbol of longevity, peace, harmony, growth, rebirth, and friendship. It has also inspired various artists, poets, and writers all around the world.

An everlasting relationship

On “Mia Elia” we have one more reason to celebrate the World’s Olive Tree Day. Your adopted or gifted trees support local farming and sustainable oil production. Our trees are our lives and with your contribution, we can all inherit their eternal wisdom. The 26th of November can be your olive tree’s birthday. A celebration of nature and a reminder that we are all part of the same life cycle.

In Greece, we always celebrate over a table, with family and friends. This is what we will do today for the World’s Olive Tree Day. We will enjoy homemade delicacies made with fresh olive oil. Join this tradition! Adopt your olive tree and enjoy its extra virgin olive oil in a bottle delivered at your table. We are expecting you!

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