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The holy process of Harvesting

The holy process of Harvesting

Olive oil making in Lesvos Island goes back to the Bronze Age. From the early days of harvesting and olive oil production, the ancient Greeks considered the olive tree to be of divine origin and that clearly states its great value and significance.

The most outstanding fact is that a big part of the harvesting process has remained intact through the years. Our olives are still handpicked, a job that requires the participation of the whole family. Greece is the only country in the European Union that gives its citizens special leave for the olive harvest.

Timing is everything for the producer.

Usually the procedure starts in November, just as the fruit turns from greenish to purple-black. Once picked, the fruit should be placed in sacks and taken to the millstones with no delay, where the filtering takes place. The olives then, are pressed and their precious juice pours out of the woven hemp mats, clarified and transparent.

The final stage is separating the “liquid gold” from the water through a centrifuge, and there it is! The extra virgin olive oil flows out, to create a new circle of life in the river of time!

The great secret lies in the personal engagement of the family, the trees and the soil, that lasts for years, and always delivers the best outcome!

This process, coming from antiquity, has become a family ritual that celebrates nature and its fruits in the most purified way!

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