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Grown with care, harvested with love!

Olive Trees harvested with love

This year we had one more reason to be impatient for the harvest period. We felt the need to be close to nature even more, now that climate change has reached high levels in the global debate and everyone is cautious about their health and wants to feel safer.

Everyday we started fresh in the morning. First we placed the nets for the olives to fall, on the soil around the groves. Then we took on with the shaking of the branches! Our family worked as an experienced team and everyone knew their post in the process. Even our little dog friend is there for supporting us all!

olives harvesting
dog in olive farm

When the olives start to accumulate our mother takes charge to separate the little branches and leaves from the fruits. Then it is time for the crates to fill!

olive separation from branches and leaves

Once we relieved all of our trees from their precious load, the olive crates are stacked on the truck and take the blissful road to the mill!

olive oil flow

Finally it is time to watch the olive oil flow and be amazed once again by the spectacle! With a little magic touch added, our extra virgin olive oil will be bottled and ready to be send to your table soon!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Lesvos

We thank you all!

We would like to warmly thank Protouli family and the employees of their oil press!

Photos by Konstantino Stamatelli

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