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Adopt An Olive Tree: A Unique Christmas Present for your Loved Ones


O Christmas tree, o Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches.. Yeap, you got that right. The most wonderful time of the year has finally arrived.

Imagine if at this jolly season, along with your Christmas tree, you would also decorate an olive tree? And not just any olive tree, but your olive tree! Instead of shiny baubles and clusters of lights, you would put a handmade sign with your name on it. Or the name of someone you love. And guess what.. a Christmas present will also be waiting for you underneath it. Extra virgin olive oil made with love and care on the snowy hilltops of a small Greek island. How about that?

Adopting a tree for a loved one is a unique experience. Take it for granted that your heart will feel really warm when looking at the smiles of your family and friends, all gathered around the Christmas table, enjoying the taste of the food made by your own nutritious extra virgin olive oil!

That’s what makes it the perfect present for all your foodie friends! Engage all senses at once dipping fresh baked bread in it, dressing it on salads, tossing it with pasta or using it in your roasted turkey. The aromatic intensity and character of our extra virgin olive oil will make your dishes truly unforgettable.

Your mother, father, grandfather and all your loved ones, will definitely adore this full of meaning gesture, because it encloses all the love and care our dad gave us all those years. He showed us how to take care of every tree, giving it the love it needs to grow and birth the extra virgin olive oil you will receive at your home. Adopting an olive tree as a present means gifting your loved ones with a piece of our little grove. And that’s something both them and us will cherish forever.

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From Lesvos hilltops straight ahead on your table and from the Mia Elia family to yours, happy holidays everyone! Make this year a good one and adopt an olive tree for Christmas.

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