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Olive Oil, in the footsteps of Wine.

Olive Oil

How long has it been since you’ve been a guest at a friend’s house for dinner?
Well, seems like the pandemic is about to be over so social gatherings will be at ease once more.
The first thing you should bear in mind is that olive oil is to your plate what wine is to your glass. So whether you are invited for dinner or welcoming your own guests at home, those two pillars of taste should always be present and combined.
So what about olive oil? Most of us think about wine as the ideal gift or welcome gesture, but olive oil is here to claim its place in our hearts too. First of all, the world of olive oil tasting is gradually expanding and offers a tremendous gastronomic experience. Thus you’ve definitely made a statement just by bringing a bottle of organic olive oil to the table. Secondly, the bottle is not even close to being empty by the end of dinner. A well-designed bottle of quality olive oil is, after all, something that lasts longer and works as a reminder of your thoughtful gesture and elegant taste. Just by sitting there, in a small kitchen corner.
In conclusion, both olive oil and wine are equal protagonists, balancers, and creators of the magic atmosphere that blends & unites people around a table.

Why gift olive oil

Olive oil is not something you come up with for a gift idea. Usually, we don’t gift simple “things” – as in objects – but whole concepts. Premium quality olive oil is the concept anyone would love to receive as a present. But why?


Imagine being part of a journey that led to this natural extract. An ancient life cycle that contains you and everything else inside. Some find their own truth and inner peace when they do so.
Another special factor is cooking with olive oil. It is probably the best thing we can do to maintain our overall health. Better not get grumpy here. The reason we talk so much about health is that our most wonderful memories need a healthy body and mind to be born in the first place. So, is there a better way to show you truly care about someone?
Don’t forget the symbolism and essence of olive oil reach so far in our primordial human roots, that we all acknowledge something divine yet familiar about it.

Why choose Mia Elia Olive Oil

Mia Elia is a family tradition project from the beautiful island of Mytilene. Lesvos (just another way to name our island) is full of olive trees that date back to antiquity, carrying wisdom and history, that you can taste in their fruit. As we, ourselves, continue a family tradition, we maintain the everlasting cycle of life on the island. We started it with a vision. Our goal is to reinforce the transparency of the processes and origin of olive oil. It is also in our hands to support sustainable production and tourism and include the consumer by making him/her part of our family.
Creating high-quality extra virgin olive oil is our life commitment. Adopt an olive tree and be part of our natural legacy.

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