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Why Olive Oil is the perfect gift for a wedding


From time immemorial, we humans give meaning and purpose to things that mostly matter to us. Such is the case of the olive tree. The long-lasting nature of the olive tree is strongly interwoven with concepts such as longevity, fertility, health, hope and wealth. When a couple gets married in Greece, it is a custom for family and friends to wish similar things throughout the ceremony. A small bottle of olive oil can be a unique gift for the newlyweds as it signifies eternal prosperity.


The perfect gift if you are a godparent

What makes olive tree adoption the perfect gift from a godparent? Adopting an olive oil tree strengthens the bond between the child and the godparents for a lifetime. It is a unique expression of love; a reminder of their childhood, family roots and earlier emotional ties with their godparents. This is because the role of a godparent is very important in Christianity. The Confirmation infuses all virtues of the powerful Holy Spirit and symbolises the acceptance of Jesus Christ.


Olive Oil is the new Wine

Remember how a bottle of a good wine was the ultimate gift for an evening soiree? Well, you can just forget about that now! Olive Oil seems to be the new wine at your Saturday dinner at the house of some good friends. Think about it, a dinner is about food and olive oil is the foundation of each one of the dishes you are all sharing together. Nowadays, olive oil is treated with the same care as wine production. At Mia Elia we created a premium bottle for our olive oil that can be used even as a home decor accessory.


Olive Oil serves a purpose

Nowadays, olive oil is considered a staple. Many people use it to make home-made skin care products that are 100% natural and contribute to a sustainable future. And did you know that olive oil makes the perfect raw material for incense? It produces a distinctive aroma that all guests will certainly love!


Olive Oil symbolization

Olive oil is considered a hallmark of the Mediterranean diet and it is deeply rooted into the culture of Greece. Apart from its gastronomical usages, this “liquid gold”, as it was firstly referred to by Homer, has a wide variety of other applications. Such as soap-making, softener for skin care, religious rituals, medicines and fuel in oil lamps, among others. Fun fact: during ancient times, olive oil was considered a luxurious commodity since it was given to athletes and workers as a reward for their feats and labor respectively instead of receiving drachmas. For that reason many people, even today, choose to make an olive tree adoption for their loved ones as a gesture of respect and admiration. Most of the olive tree adoptions at Mia Elia are made as gifts for special occasions.

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