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Kolovi: The local variety with the soft touch

Kolovi local variety

It is a variety that we exclusively find in Lesvos and that’s why some people call it “Mytilinia”. Kolovi, covers the biggest part of the olive cultivation on the island, and that’s why our groves carry a special indication of geographical position. The unique geoclimatic conditions of the island have shaped its texture and ideal properties.

In order to thrive, it needs high altitude with a medium scale. It has adapted to the low rainfall rate of Lesvos by spreading its roots to a wide range, thus creating a network of flowing nutritious substance, that allows it to enrich its fruits with all the necessary elements.

The sea air combined with the inaccessible terrace and the mountain’s aura, bring to this variety, fruits high in antioxidants and characteristically indelible flavour and texture. Its oil qualities are given away by its soft touch. The fruity aroma and its discreet aftertaste, make it an exceptional choice for those who love extra virgin olive oil.

Undoubtedly, Kolovi variety, beyond its geographical microclimate that makes it one of a kind in the world, constitutes the source of an oil so special, that harmonizes bitterness with the spice element, preserving in the same time all the beneficial essence for the human body.

When finally its fruits arrive at the olive mill and the production begins, it is a privilege to watch the oil with its golden colour gush.

A spectacle that alone is worth all the labor in the world!

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