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Water Day MiaElia

Respect Water, Regard Life

Today we celebrate something so fundamental, that most of the times we take for granted and neglect. Water covers 70% of our earth and quenches our soil so that life can flourish! We protect our water from pollution and never spoil it, because it helps our trees grow and it's the basic element of our very existence!

Experience Greek Carnival in Lesvos

Experience Greek Carnival in Lesvos!

Carnival traditions in Greece are a living thing. Their origins go way back in Greek history, as one of the oldest forms of rites devoted to fertility and nature. The word Apokria, as Greeks call it, literally means ¨without meat¨, and it’s associated with the Orthodox Lent period that follows.

The holy process of Harvesting

The holy process of Harvesting

Olive oil making in Lesvos Island goes back to the Bronze Age. From the early days of harvesting and olive oil production, the ancient Greeks considered the olive tree to be of divine origin and that clearly states its great value and significance.

A Story Begins 1

A Story Begins

Today, on 10th of October 2019, we are officially online! You may now adopt your own olive tree from our groves!

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